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Available Services

Obedience Board and Train - On Leash - 3 Weeks

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This is a great program for everyone that's looking to take their dog out in public without hassle! Your dog will know how to behave properly in highly distractive areas. Do you need your dog to lay down while you walk through the isles of the store? No problem! Do you want to walk your dog on a leash without being pulled around? This is the program for you!

Obedience Board and Train - Off Leash - 4 Weeks

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Would you like to take your dogs obedience to a higher level? With this four-week board and train program, we get your dog ready to be perfectly obedient on and off leash! Your dog will stay obedient during distractions and will always pay attention to you when you ask to, without a leash involved. 

This board and train program combines the greatest freedom and obedience at the same time. No leashes necessary anymore! (When allowed by law)

Behavioral Modification

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Has your dog changed its behavior lately? Has it growled, bitten, or snapped at anyone? Do you not trust your dog completely? Or is your dog just very shy in new environments or with other dogs or people? Is your dog counter-surfing or putting its nose in the trashcan? Is your dog eliminating in the house? We are here to help you to get over any concern you may have. We will not leave your side until your specific problem is fixed. We will start with a one-on-one consultation and develop a plan together to reach your needs.

Private Lessons

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Do you want to train your dog yourself but would like some professional help with it? Get to learn the best tips and tools with us! We can come to your house to train, meet you at a park, or you and your dog can come to our place. It's up to you and what you want. We are here to accommodate you and your dog. 

Group classes

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