Your success is our goal 

Every dog, every owner and every situation is different. We are here to help you accomplish your individual goals. We will stay by your side until you feel confident and successful. 

Continuous education for staff 

We only work with highly qualified staff. Our staff is continuously working on furthering their education and staying up to date on the latest dog training techniques. That way, we can confidently provide you with the highest quality dog training in the area!


Communication is very important to us. We know it's also important to you. If your dog is staying with us for a Board and Train program, we will provide you with plenty of video and picture updates. If you are going through private lessons, we are always here in between lessons for any questions or concerns you may have. Either way, our communication with you will help you stay informed, motivated and focused!

Our training is based on building mutual understanding between you and your dog

We work with a balanced training system that consists of lots of rewards and, when appropriate and necessary, corrections. Using a balanced training method is essential in accomplishing all dog training needs. It gives us the opportunity to increase and reinforce desired behaviors, while diminishing undesired behaviors at the same time


By carefully choosing when to reward behaviors and when to use an appropriate form of correction, it will quickly become very clear to the dog what we, as humans, want to communicate. 

Building mutual understanding between you and your dog is the ultimate way to accomplish your goals. 


Life time support for most of our programs

Once you have trained with us, you become a part of the Dutchess Canine Academy family. We offer continuous lifelong support after most of our programs. You can rest assured that we will always have your back. We are here for any questions or concerns you may have. Do you need a refresher course? No problem. Unlimited lessons are part of our lifelong support as well!

Reasonable and competitive rates

We understand caring for a furry family member can get expensive. That's why we made sure we offer our services at affordable rates. We offer training programs at many price points to accommodate everybody's budget